This project is mixing traditional music, and jazz.
Most compositions are mine, made with the criteria of the “giusto sil.làbic” , the rhtyhms and accents that appeared on popular music singed in Catalan. And also ideas like the “Contrapas” that is a complex dance form that was befor “Sardana”.
I wrotte a coupple of arrangements of catalan song “El Cant dels Ocells” and also the polish song “l’Alosa”.

Sergi Sirvent, piano, vocal, trompet & composició/direcció.

Jordi Gaspar, electric bass & double bass.

David Xirgu,drums.

Martí Hosta,  drums & percussions.

Pau Puig, dolçaina, tarota, alboka, bansuri, ney, gaida búlgara.

Pau Doménech, bass clarinet,  soprano clarinet, soprano sax & gralla in C.

Martí Serra tenor sax, baritone sax & sorpano sax.

Pep Moliner, fiscorn, trombone, bombardino & tuba.

Marc Egea, hurdy-gurdy, duduk & flabiol.

by creactivitat