Jim Skillman & his Selffish Market



JIM SKILLMAN is the artistic nickname of Sergi Sirvent, as a singer/songwritter.  Is an poliinstrumentist, vocalist and composer; in the last 10 years his mainly role was as pianist/composer/bandleader of modern jazz and avantgard projects but he plays guitar and sings his songs from the age of 14 aprox. He made his first album called “Mineral” in 1999 when he was 21, before going to NY to study jazz piano in 2003. This album was like a celebration of his point of wiew as a songwritter at that time. Took several tunes, choosen from a wide repertoire, and played and recorded them with several friends, parterns from the music scene, in a studio recording.

From 2014, SERGI SIRVENT formed JIM SKILLMAN:  a duet-band with  drummer OSCAR DOMÉNECH.

They now each other really well, because they played together for more than 10 years in another special band :HAT. A phycodellic/jazz quartet.

On 2015 Sergi Sirvent recorded a JIM SKILLMAN solo album untitled “Voices” (Juan Palomo Records) and already on a duet band they published “Omelette Joy” (Selffish Records, 2016) and “Devil’s Blues” (Selffish Records, 2017).

From 2017 bassist and also multi-instrumentist Jordi Mestres joins the band, becoming JIM SKILLMAN and his SELFFISH MARKET.

Although JIM SKILLMAN has a really solid and personal sound, sure you can notice some influences from bands and artists we loved like Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, Led Zeppellin, Son House, The Beatles, Beck, Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nick Drake,José González, Radiohead, Tom Waits, to name a few.
The band is performing almost all JIM SKLLMAN original music and ocasionally we perform some nice covers.

SERGI SIRVENT, Acoustic guitar & vocal & loops

OSCAR DOMÈNECH, drums & percussion

by creactivitat