Martí Serra, tenor & soprano sax

Sergi Sirvent, piano

Those two musicans and composers – references of the jazz scene in Barcelona – come together in this duet, a place for them to share their compositions, and musical point of wiew through their improvisations. They have a complicity that anyone can hear in their playing. I comes from a long ago, when they played together in other bands as a sideman (Giulia Valle Quintet,,Jordi Matas Quintet,etc.)

Sirvent also played in Serra´s quartet, recording the second album of Martí Serra as a leader “Tea Time” along with Xavi Maureta and Rai Ferrer.

Serra plays in Sirvent´s projects such as “Catalexi” (wide-orchestral group, where there are mixing jazz and popular music) or Sergi Sirvent Decoy Quartet (with Ramon Prats and Jordi Gaspar).

They also worked as a duet, composing the soundtrack for silent film “Nosferatu” by F.W.Murnau and playing it live in several occasions. It is a paralel project of this duet, with another music, composed by both musicians.

They recorded “Diürna” (2016, Quadrant Records) and recently this 2018 are recording a new album to be released on Selffish Records.

The repertoire is balanced beteween original music and standards or iconic compositions that has become standards in the history of Jazz, like: Very Early (Bill Evans), Lost (Wayne Shorter), A Flower is a Lovesome Thing (B.Strayhorn), Isfahan (D.Ellington) or Skippy (T.Monk).

On 2018 they recorded “Esma” an album with most of original music, published on Selffish Records.



by creactivitat