Mathilde Toussaint is a young and talented french singer from the Réunion Island. 

This duet with catalan pianist from Barcelona, Sergi Sirvent, starts on 2015 when Mathilde come to Barcelona to live. 

Mathilde knows well the language of jazz but she is not just a jazz singer, she is a musician who sings and she is on her way to find her own music, her roots. Her singing could be related to great jazz singers like Carmen McRae, Sara Vaughan or Billie Holiday and she is a truly musician with no problems to take a risk and improvise in any situation. 

She also has a natural talent to find ethnic sounds in the way of singing. That´s the reason she sounds really authenthic when she sings de Blues or Jazz; and she has been singing in Gospel Choirs for many years.

Her ears, like Sirvent´s ears, are open, so they found a really nice feedback when the played together and so on. 

The music they use to play are more into the Blues and Gospel, but they also play some Jazz standards or also some original material from Sirvent. 


Mathilde Toussaint, vocal

Sergi Sirvent, piano



by creactivitat