Sergi Sirvent, piano

Horacio Fumero, doubble bass

David Xirgu, drums

A true dialog between this three great jazz performers, through the language of JAZZ, in a field where there is always this open window to improvisation but with a very melodic form-tunes known worlwide as “standards”.  Horacio Fumero has been the bass player for Tete Montoliu for many years (the most known spanish jazz pianist) and David Xirgu is one of the best drummers in Spain.A very pleasant journey to anyone´s ears.


Short Bio:


The story of Sergi Sirvent Trio begins on March 2005 when I got the invitation to play with the tenor and baritone saxophonist Carles Davis at Jamboree. For this occasion, I called experienced musicians to join me on this special gig: contrabassist Horacio Fumero and drummer Peer Wyboris. The concert was a big success, a great night of music. For me -at that moment I was 27- to play live jazz with such widely experienced musicians meant a really deep lesson, right straight to my years. Of course I also had the joy of playing with the rhythm section of Tete Montoliu, a jazz piano reference in Catalonia and Spain, and there we were.

After that, we were requested to play again at Jamboree just as a trio. By that time Peer Wyboris was very ill but he would still be able to play on that trio gig, and actually when he was playing that night he seemed not to be ill at all; the power of music is amazing. Unfortunately, few months after that concert the great drummer Peer Wyboris passed away.

But the experience was already there… and it was clear for me already that we had to keep that idea of a strong trio going. And that’s how Xirgu arrives to the story. I had the joy of playing with David Xirgu a few times before with Gorka Benitez and David Mengual, and also in the Giuila Valle Quintet. He has a really special touch, and we had always had a very good connection, so I knew already it was going to be an amazing experience to play with him and Fumero in a trio.

I usually play my own compositions in my own band and projects, but this time, to make the experience of this trio a special one, I thought it would be great to play mostly jazz standards, and to just have a nice jazzy trio sound. We played a few times in Jamboree, currently the best jazz club in Barcelona. The Sergi Sirvent Trio performed and recorded live at Jamboree, in the MAS I MAS JAZZ FESTIVAL 2011, on august 31th. This was the first record of the trio, and it has been published on CD by Produccions JazzEnViu and digitally on Selffish Records.

Next album is gonna be released this 2016 by Fresh Sound Records and are also a jazz record plenty of standards, recorded in Auditorium Studios (Jafre, Girona) on 2015.

by creactivitat